Corporate Personnel

Never depend on a single income. Invest to create a second source.

Importance of Investing in Equities For Corporate Professionals

  1. Retirement Planning
    It is important to plan the investment carefully to secure your retirement life. Equity investment, having high return generating potential, gives you the opportunity to grow your savings exponentially over the longer term. This builds a good retirement corpus for you so that you never compromise on the quality of post-retirement life.
  2. Beat Inflation
    Equity as an asset class has the ability to beat the rising inflation over the long run. This is the most important function of equity as it keeps the rate of return higher than the inflation so that the value of your investment is preserved and you earn handsome returns as well. It is especially important when you are planning an investment for the long run.
  3. Compounding Benefit
    An important benefit of investing in the equity market is the power of compounding. This is because when the companies generate profits, they deploy that money back into their business for expansion hence generating a superior return on investments. This in-turn gets reciprocated to the shareholder of the company hence generating their wealth.
  4. Securing the Generations
    Equity investment gives you an opportunity to generate extra wealth for your family’s future and create a legacy. Equity investment can be a great financial asset for you that will help you in fulfilling all your financial goals. Also it will help secure the future of your next generations as equity will help pass on your accumulated assets to them.
“Corporate professionals work for the growth of the organisation. We work for the growth of their financial wellbeing.”

Why Corporate Professionals Need Brighter Mind?

  1. Lack of time
    The main challenge faced by corporate personnel while making investment is lack of time. They are often so busy with their schedule that they are unable to get time in designing the portfolio. Brighter Mind helps them in managing their equity investments in an efficient manner without even hindering their professional life. We keep track of all the companies in the portfolio and intimate the investors beforehand so that they can take action at the right time.
  2. Insufficient Research
    Corporate professionals being experts in their own fields do not have access to proper resources to make well thought investing decisions. In order to get good returns in the stock market, one must thoroughly research the company, its business model and balance sheets. Brighter Mind brings in this capability on your table and offers the best advice based on most reliable research.
  3. Quality Portfolio
    The Indian stock market consists of more than 5000 companies and all of them do not possess the same quality. To find the best company out of this huge basket, one requires the proper skill set. Brighter Mind has such expertise and helps the corporate professionals in designing the quality portfolio on the basis of proper research and knowledge.
  4. Superior Returns
    Investing in the equity market can provide very lucrative returns provided that investment is done in a well-researched and wise manner. Brighter Mind helps corporate professionals to arrive at the best asset allocation and create an optimised investment portfolio. This helps create sustainable wealth in the longer run for the investors.


Our Seamless Process

Investment Planning

Phase 1

Investment Planning

As corporate professionals contribute to the organisation’s growth, our prime focus is to contribute to their wealth creation. Hence initially we understand the client’s need and investment horizon then accordingly create an investment plan.

Portfolio Designing

Phase 2

Portfolio Designing

Once the analysis is done, we design the customised portfolio for the corporate professionals. This helps generate long term wealth by generating higher returns than the market average. The portfolio is designed in such a way that the risk is lowest so that it can be comparable with fixed deposits in the longer term.

Portfolio Tracking

Phase 3

Portfolio Tracking

Our dedicated team tracks your portfolio regularly. We check all the business activities, announcements, amendments in industries and their implications on the holding companies. All the companies are closely tracked for the red flag so that the risk gets mitigated in time.

Performance Review

Phase 4

Performance Review

We schedule portfolio performance reviews with the clients on a regular basis and discuss the past and the future actionable. We address all their queries and issues related to the portfolio so that the clients experience the seamless wealth creation journey.

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