Portfolio Overview

Top 10 Client Portfolios

*Note – Above client portfolio is as on 30th September 2021

Top 10 Portfolio is selected on basis of value and maximum time frame of investment

Portfolio Diversification

We design our client’s portfolio in such a way that their initial capital gets fully secured from market tides. We prefer to invest in quality businesses which are trading at cheap valuation rather than in quality business trading at expensive valuation. Also, our major strategy is to diversify the portfolio across different sectors and industries so that we can get maximum coverage of businesses. 

This way we get two benefits for our client’s portfolio. Firstly, we add higher width to the portfolio and secondly we get higher returns on investment with lower risks.

Currently, we have diversified our portfolio in more than 20 industries and allocated the weightage according to the below chart.

Sectoral Allocation

Sectoral Allocation​

Portfolio Drilldown

Portfolio Drilldown​

Our Best Picks

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