Mr. Manoj Bandre Founder & CEO

Manoj Bandre B.Tech, PGDFA is the founder; CEO of Brighter Mind Equity Advisor Pvt. Ltd. Manoj has previously worked with BLB Ltd. in the Proprietary Fund Management division; he played a very important role in equity research and helped in equity fund management of proprietary desk of company.

Manoj has been a Dhandho mind set of investor with a keen eye on Maximization of wealth to each and every investors with greater margin of safety.

Been tracking India equity market for almost decade.  His understanding about value investment in equity market and ability to keep him completely away for the market noises make him exceptionally successful fund manager. His passion and ambition to make

Brighter Mind one of India value creating Investment advisor to deliver superior return to each and every investor is adding value to wealth creation of every single investor.

Manoj Strongly believes in some of the essential factors of achieving long term superior return,

  1. Independent Business Mind Set of Thinking (Dhandho Investor)
  2. Management Ethical Corporate Aspirations
  3. Consistent Quality Earning Of Business
  4. Patience and High Conviction
  5. Timing (Valuation) & Broad Market Potential Of Business


  • The Role of Patience in Value Investing

    Value investing is a long-term investment strategy that involves identifying undervalued companies and buying their stock as they are trading at a discounted value in the market. This strategy involves researching and selecting stocks that are trading below their intrinsic value. The goal of this strategy is to achieve a higher return over the longer

  • 5 Common Excuses That Prevent Investors from Investing

    Many investors actually think of doing an investment, but majority of them find some or the other excuse to defer their investment. Some of the common reason is lack of money, risk of losing the hard earned money, fear of losing the standard of living and lack of knowledge or unawareness of importance of investment.


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