Mr. Sanket Borgaonkar Chief Strategy Officer

Sanket Borgaonkar is a Mechanical Engineer and holds Post Graduate Diploma in Wealth Management. He has more than 5 years of experience in the field of Financial Planning, Research and Marketing. During his last assignments he has developed deep understanding of financial products and business strategies and played a critical role in optimising processes for the organisations. With his passion for developing business strategies, he brings the great value to the table of Brighter Mind.


  • Post Lok Sabha Election 2024 Overview

    What the victory means for Indian Economy and Corporate Profitability? With India clocking 8.2% GDP mark in FY24 along with visibility on policy outlook; it is surely a very potent combination that attracts the growth hungry investors. Foreign investors have been net seller during the past few months and they are likely to return back

  • 5 Common Excuses That Prevent Investors from Investing

    Many investors actually think of doing an investment, but majority of them find some or the other excuse to defer their investment. Some of the common reason is lack of money, risk of losing the hard earned money, fear of losing the standard of living and lack of knowledge or unawareness of importance of investment.


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