Mrs. Madhu Diwakar

Human Resource Mrs. Madhu Diwakar

Madhu has over 8 years of experience in the domain of Human Resources. She holds Masters Degree from Sikkim Manipal University. Before joining Brighter Mind, she has worked with Paytm and Times of India and has donned various hats in different roles. She forms a delicate balance of being friendly and approachable and is able to make quick decisions to keep the office functioning smoothly.


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    Value investing is a long-term investment strategy that involves identifying undervalued companies and buying their stock as they are trading at a discounted value in the market. This strategy involves researching and selecting stocks that are trading below their intrinsic value. The goal of this strategy is to achieve a higher return over the longer

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    Many investors actually think of doing an investment, but majority of them find some or the other excuse to defer their investment. Some of the common reason is lack of money, risk of losing the hard earned money, fear of losing the standard of living and lack of knowledge or unawareness of importance of investment.


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